Secretariat applauds progress of meeting preparations

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THE Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) Secretariat in Singapore is pleased with the progress Papua New Guinea has made towards hosting the 2018 summit.
Dr Allan Bollard, the executive director for the Apec Secretariat in Singapore, said on the side of the Apec Transport Ministers Meeting in Port Moresby that the secretariat was impressed with the preparations.
“I think we are confident that PNG will be ready by the time we needed to meet later next year,” he said.
“That means getting some of the things ready for Port Moresby — to have the big infrastructures ready for the leaders. We could have up to 10,000 leaders and their delegations come to Port Moresby for the Apec summit.”
He said the event would attract the international media and people from around the globe.
“We know there’s still work to be done on some infrastructure such as accommodation, information technology, policy agendas and other requirements which the Government is in the process of getting ready. So we are confident that things will be ready for the leaders summit.”
Bollard said Port Moresby unlike some previous hosts did not have much traffic congestion.

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