Security free university


SECURITY – the state of being free from danger or threat – should be available to everyone. Not so at the University of Goroka.
The university has four gates. The first is Uni gate, the second is Automaket gate, the third is Depo-Okiufa Hauslain gate, and the fourth is Daunanda gate.
The four gates offer free entry and exit, giving the university the name Security Free Campus.
Inside the university compound, you find it hard to tell the difference between staff, students, villagers, settlers and criminals. Outsiders freely walk in and out, some even sell cigarettes and betel nuts.
Drunks, too, go in and out without interference – singing and shouting as if they are in the Hoffman club.
There are no security control at these four gates.
The university needs proper fencing and security to protect the students, staff and property.
Apo Gerepe
Concerned stakeholder

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