Segeyaro has class


OVER the past couple of months there had been calls for the PNG Kumuls selectors not to consider James Segeyaro for the World Cup.
I think he should be selected.
I agree with Michael Marum that players playing in the NRL are of a higher standard and if they raise their hand they should be considered.
For example, Katio Otio, Justin Olam, and Rod Griffin have been struggling to make the first grade in NRL. However, Segeyaro is a proven NRL player. At one time he was named the NRL best hooker. In England he was also considered one of the best hookers.
We all make mistakes and Segeyaro has realised his mistake and apologised.
In the Bible, a woman who committed adultery was brought before Jesus to be stoned to death but Jesus rebuked her accusers by saying that if one of them had never committed a sin then let him be the one to cast the first stone. No one did.
Please let us not be too judgmental and critical.
World Cup is a high intense game and at all cost Papua New Guinea needs experienced players such as Segeyaro, Mead, MacDonald and Baptise who have proven themselves in the tough NRL competition.

Chris Pati @Kafana, Goroka  

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