Sepik pledge for Bird


TO my East Sepik Governor Allan Bird, I must say that your comments in the media (main stream and social) are truly the voice of the people.
If you as an elected leader can speak out in such a way and receive little or no criticism at all for it, then you truly are the representative of the people of East Sepik.
Your words are truly the words of the majority of us the Sepik people.
Although it is a little too early to judge, I know you will still practise the best leadership practices that the people of East Sepik want.
We have a lot of Sepik intellectuals who have experience and who will be happy to join hands with you for a better Sepik.
Regardless of which side of the House you are in (government or opposition), the people of East Sepik are behind you.

Dez Kasi
Kreer Valley

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