Sepiks in Chimbu to showcase tradition


A small community in Kundiawa town is planning to showcase Sepik’s traditional way of life to the people of Chimbu as part of their  independence anniversary celebrations.
“We are going to showcase the Sepik traditional heritage ranging from traditional dances, dresses, dishes, sago-making and paddle the Simbu River (Wara Simbu) as in Sepik River. If Chimbu cannot go to Sepik, Sepik can come to Chimbu,” events organising committee chairman Wally Yegiora said.
He said the people of Kundiawa town could count themselves lucky because they would  have a glimpse of the Sepik way of life, traditions and also sample some Sepik dishes  at the Riverside Resort near Wara Simbu. Yegiora, a self-made prominent businessman of Sepik origin, grew up in Chimbu and a longtime resident in Kundiawa, owns the Riverside Resort – the main venue of the Sepik heritage show.
“This event is about the celebration of our proud Sepik heritage, PNG is culturally diverse and every province has its own cultures and traditions and for us in the Sepik, it is no different,” he said.
“That is why when people celebrate independence, we also want this to be a ride where the people of Chimbu can learn about some of the cultures and traditions of the Sepik.”

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