Settlers not happy, in the dark over ‘project’


A CERTAIN ethnic group from the Highlands is going around the Port Moresby putting its hands on any piece of land that is available within the city peripheries whether it’s a reserved, customary, reserved waste land or recreational area, forcefully or by other devious and unscrupulous means without due regard for the legitimate land owners.
Recently, it was noticed that a particular surveying company was seen surveying the Hohola Burns Peak settlement claiming that they are trying to survey for a proposed street at the back of Wara Mini Lodge to the Old Gun Club or Shooting Range area.
The surveying work was secretly completed on Google Map using the satellite but what brought to light was when they started to put the pegs and coloured taps for machineries to start construction.
We, the settlers, are not fully aware as to who really sanctioned this surveying to be conducted and for what particular development that will be taking place in that particular area.
Whoever has instigated this surveying must be strictly cautioned that you have already established a palace and living a luxury life out from a waste land that you have also grabbed it illegally.
You are now trying to put your hands on to a land that thousands of people are already living on.
Stop it now or else you will regret for your actions.
Awareness should be carried out to inform the communities living within the vicinity of the surveyed area to enlighten them on the project and what spin off benefits this project will bring to sustain the communities.
That is a normal thing before any form of development takes place.
However, this project developer has by passed all protocols and is no different than a thief to come in to take our land.
Before any worse things happen, we the settlers of Hohola Burns Peak call on the NCD Governor, NCDC Physical Planning Board and the Lands Department to clarify the following:

  • Who has sanctioned this surveying and for what purpose and what particular development and benefit?;
  • does this developer have an approved development plan from the NCDC and the Lands Department of Land?; and,
  • Who has provided the funding for this project?

The responsible authorities must speak out and ensure this is addressed satisfactorily.

Concerned Settler
Burns Peak, NCD

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