Sex case man faces the boot


The Australian High Commission in Port Moresby is aware of recent media reports regarding a PNG man who was to be  deported from Australia after serving 76 days in prison on child sex charges.
The commission told The National that it was unable to comment further due to privacy constraints.
According to the ABC, Casper Hauaiembe, 52, arrived in Tasmania in late April for a six-week  training course.
Within days of his arrival, he used Facebook to initiate contact with a local 10-year-old boy.
The boy’s father was quickly alerted to the messages.
On May 3, Hauaiembe expressed that he wished the child was older, but offered to pay for a taxi so the child could meet and spend the night with him.
He said they “could cuddle up and sleep” and attempted to make seven separate calls to the boy via Facebook. The next day, he tried another four times to call the child on Facebook.
The boy’s father then alerted police, who assumed the profile and continued the communication.
During this time, Hauaiembe invited the child to a party where “there would be wine and dancing”.
As the conversation progressed and became more explicit, police discovered Hauaiembe had been confused by the profile’s display picture, and thought he was speaking with a young girl.
Police pretended to be the boy’s 13-year-old sister.
He then said the pair could still meet, but that it would not be right to have sex.
Police, still acting as the boy, then asked Hauaiembe if he would like to meet his 13-year-old sister. He agreed and a meeting was arranged for May 8.
Upon arrival, he was arrested and taken into police custody.
In sentencing, Justice Stephen Estcourt said children were to be protected and described Hauaiembe’s actions as “reprehensible”, but acknowledged there had been no negative impact on the 10-year-old victim.
He said Hauaiembe, who is married and has five children, faced a “fall from grace” as he is “highly respected” in Papua New Guinea due to his work in social services.– ABC

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