Sir Mekere focuses on a comeback, takes on Malabag


Focus will be on Moresby North-West as former prime minister and MP Sir Mekere Morauta attempts to make a comeback against People’s National Congress Party strongman and Health Minister Michael Malabag.
Thirty eight candidates are contesting what promises to be a David versus Goliath epic as outsider Sir Mekere is pitched against the might of the ruling PNC.
However, that is not discounting the others, who all have a fighting chance.
Malabag is up against 34 other men and three women.
His challengers include Sir Mekere who did not contest in 2012, Miria Ikupu who finished second to him in 2012, lawyers David Dotaona and Philip Ame, former deputy city manager Honk Kiap, Hanuabada businessman Lohia Boe-Samuel and Women in Business leader Janet Sape.
Moresby North-East MP Labi Amaiu will be up against 50 challengers. A total of 45 men, including Amaiu, and six women will be contesting for the seat in an electorate predominantly made up of settlements.
He will be up against people such as well-known community leader John Kaupa, who finished second to him in 2012, John Varey and Carl Okuk.
People’s National Congress Party man Amaiu will have to work hard to bowl out the half-century up against him.
Moresby-South MP and another PNC man Justin Tkatchenko is pitched against 13 other men and one woman.
The woman is Anna Skate, daughter of former prime minister and People’s National Congress founder, Bill Skate.
She will be banking on the popularity of her father to bring down Tkatchenko, who ironically was a Skate protégé.

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