Six Madang MPs to face election petitions in court


SIX of the seven MPs in Madang who won their seats during the general election will face election petitions filed against them in court.
The only exception is Middle Ramu MP Jonny Alonk.
The MPs were sworn in at the provincial assembly on Tuesday.
Sumkar MP Chris Nangoi’s victory is being challenged by former Chief Justice Sir Arnold Amet who had contested the seat.
Madang MP Bryan Kramer said it was normal in any general election to expect petitions.
“When we contest in election and win, we must expect petitions to come. Petitions will not stop service delivery.”
Madang Governor Peter Yama said the filing of election petitions was normal in every election.
Raicoast MP Peter Sapia said he was aware that some candidates were planning to challenge his victory.
Usino Bundi MP Jimmy Uguro said a petition had been filed against him based on allegations of undue influence and bribery.
A case was filed and advertised in this paper against Bogia MP Robert Naguri last week.
Middle Ramu MP Jonny Alonk said it was sad for first-time MPs to have petitions filed against them.

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