Society: Basil’s move will weaken Opposition


THE Catholic Professionals Society of PNG says Sam Basil’s defection to the Government with 11 other MPs will only weaken the Opposition in Parliament.
Society president Paul Harricknen said the Opposition with 49 MPs before the defection was able to hold the Government accountable with its development agenda.
“Just at a time when the Government was to be tested on its fight against corruption with the introduction of the ICAC Bill and the supplementary budget, we see this switch,” he said.
“(It) will only weaken the Opposition’s ability to keep the Government in check, accountable and serious.
“The ICAC Bill for instance has not been made public for discussion.
“The public has to know and debate it if Government is serious about addressing corruption, which is the biggest issue hindering fair and just development,” Harricknen said.
“It is not about being in Government or the Opposition.”
He said Basil and his Pangu Pati had given people hope for change when they won 16 seats in the 2017 general election.
“This trust has been betrayed by this surprise turn of events, especially now that the Opposition is a lame duck in terms of numbers,” he said.

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