SOEs to be restructured


CHIEF Secretary Isaac Lupari says State-owned enterprises will be restructured because they are becoming like the public service.
He told The National yesterday that SOEs could expect the same treatment from the Government as the public service in next year’s budget to be handed down next month by Treasurer Patrick Pruaitch.
Lupari said the Government was focused on restructuring SOEs.
“I see them as also an impediment,” he said.
“They are also suppressing development because for private sector to grow, we need water, we need power, we need efficient supply of transportation, airlines, postal services, ports and all these things.
“That is another challenge that the Government is addressing.”
Lupari said everyone should support this as it had been overlooked over many years.
“This Government is doing the right thing by addressing all these legacy issues,” he said.
“It requires the support of everybody, including both sides of the House.
“The Government alone cannot address it. It needs the support of everybody.
“If we have growth, it benefits every one of us. If we have no growth, it affects every one of us as well.”
Lupari said SOEs were becoming just like the public service.
“There’s duplication of roles and responsibilities,” he said.

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