Somare’s spirit will live forever


HE flew into Tari that day while we were still in class at Kuluanda Primary School.
It was 1972 and Michael Somare had come to town.
The sleepy colonial administrative outpost in the hinterlands of what was then known as Tari patrol post had came alive with people flocking there from far and near to listen to this man who was proclaiming that independence was possible for Papua New Guinea and that he was ready to gain it from Australia.
Many thought it mission impossible.
Even Somare’s own father Ludwig took his stance in history to block off his son from gaining independence as we read in the book, “Sana”.
Then a year later in 1973 Michael Somare
achieved self-government for the Territory of Papua New Guinea andhe became chief minister himself and the House of Assembly settled for September 16,
1975 as the date for independence.
The Huli people though not ready forindependence, as was their stand, had to accept their fate that independence was coming and on that historic day the land of Huli celebrated its first independence day with the rest of the country.
Sir Michael stool tall on Independence Hill as the PNG flag was raised for the first time 41 years ago. His spirit lives on forever each independence day.
On behalf of all former Kulua Primary School students, we wish Sir Michael Somare and PNG a happy 41st independenceanniversary.


Timon Wena

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