Steven to bank on practice at the bar


THE Justice Minister and Attorney-General Davis Steven will be counting on his experience as a lawyer to tackle his new job.
Steven, 48, the Esa’ala MP and People’s National Congress Party member, was the minister for civil aviation in the previous government.
“The opportunity has been given,” he told The National.
“As a second-termer, I think I know the challenge that comes with providing accurate and timely legal advice to the government and to ensure that legal requirements are properly serviced.
“I think the challenge is in ensuring that the Constitution is protected and the rule of law upheld.
“Where it matters most is in making sure that government policies are properly guided. If it’s illegal, it’s illegal. Full stop.
“My challenge, I think, is in ensuring that the village court systems are reviewed and strengthened — that’s the frontline justice delivery system in the country right now.”

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