Story was truly inspiring, thank you Phoebe


Thank you Phoebe Gwangilo for writing Tyson’s success story which appeared in The National on Tuesday.
After reading the story, I had tears of joy for Tyson, who is two years older than my son who also missed the opportunity to continue onto Grade 9 in 2013.
Unlike Tyson, my son was given a golden opportunity to pursue further education to do Grade 9 at a reputable technical institution where I paid full sponsorship for the year but he blew it by his continuous disciplinary offences which had him evicted.
He has allowed himself to be used and abused by his schoolmates and friends which caused his demise.
However, I will now use Tyson’s story to challenge my son to consider his future and make a change and demonstrate it before I can provide the funding support necessary to put his life together next year.
I wish to thank Tyson for allowing his remarkable story to be published so that other children in similar situations can be inspired to pick up the pieces again.
Tyson, you have the right attitude to excel and achieve the dream you wish to pursue. Your story is truly inspiring.
With God, nothing is impossible and besides, who says no when God says yes?

Fabian Lufu Mala,

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