Students arrested for drinking homebrew


POLICE arrested 11 female and two male secondary schools students in Port Moresby last Friday after they were caught drinking homebrew in a public place.
Officer in charge of the Family Sexual Violence Unit Moultou Bessie told The National that they were found drinking homebrew at the shooting range opposite the Games police barracks.
Bessie said the students were aged between 15 and 17.
The two boys attend Tokarara High School. The girls are grade 9 students at the Gerehu Secondary School. He said they alerted their parents and school principals.
The students were counseled before being released.
He warned students to stay away from such activities and concentrate on their school work.
“Students probably have their own reasons behind engaging in such activities. The best approach is to talk to them individually to get to the core of these,” Bessie said.
He urged parents to monitor the movements of their children and to ensure they must be in class.
He said drinking home-brew was bad for their health and could also lead to cult activities and school fights.

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