Students attend expo to pursure career opportunities


NINETEEN young Lihirians attended careers expo recently in Kokopo, East New Britain.
The expo was an eye-opener for them as they begin to pursue career opportunities.
The students from the Newcrest Lihir-run Work Ready Institute (WRI) were funded  by the Newcrest-Lihir’s human resources team’s learning and development section aimed to expose the students to career opportunities,  cultures, tourism and professional networks.
It was also the first time the 19 students flew out of Lihir.
Bruce Lusem of Mahur Island said, he wanted to collect information to help him apply for the faculty of medicine at the University of Papua New Guinea. “I want to be a doctor one day so I can help my people here at Lihir.”
Cyril Lipo of Mazus village said he was determined to achieve his goal of becoming a mechanical engineer. “I now know there is a big world out there but I can only be part of it if I do well in my studies and be a professional in the field I am aiming for.”
Superintendent learning and development Craig Roberts said the best way to develop young Lihirians was to inspire them to grow in all aspects.

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