Students welcome review of scholarship programme


THE Morobe Tertiary Students Union has welcomed the plan by Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu to review the provincial government’s Gerson-Solulu scholarship programme.
Union chaplain Offo Olio said the programme was created in 2003 to support tertiary students attending various institutions around the country
“This scholarship is vital to develop the human resource of the province ,therefore it should be reviewed and amended so that genuine students can benefit fully from it,” Olio said.
“The Morobe tertiary students have fully supported our governor’s plan to review the scholarship as many of them depend on it.” Olio said the scholarship’s requirement was amended in the past few years affecting many students.
He urged the governor to impose strict guidelines on the granting of scholarships to students.
“An independent working committee must be appointed to screen the applicants who apply for the scholarship,” he said.
“Recommendation for the scholarship must come from the applicant’s local level government or parish.”
He said funding for the scholarship must also be increased to meet the growing number of students in the province.

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