Surge in stockfeed sales linked to election fever

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THE sale of stockfeed for poultry business by Goodman Fielder in Lae, Morobe, has exceeded its sales target.
Area stockfeed manager for the company’s Flame brand Ben Apo said as a result loyal customers were given day-old chicks free on Monday during a promotion.
“Customers from as far as Walium in Madang and other rural parts of Morobe are flocking
into Lae to buy our stockfeed,” he said.
“We are selling a new formula  at affordable prices.”
Apo said was a boom in cash-
flow during the elections and
poultry farmers in rural areas
were spending money to raise chickens.
“We are giving away free boxes of chicks to our customers as a reward to show our appreciation for their loyalty,” he said.
“We keep a tally on customers who purchase our Flame stockfeed and we reward them with boxes of day-old chicks.”
Apo said the promotion started last month and would continue until September.

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