Taiwan celebrates 105th national day


Taiwan celebrated its 105th national day last Friday with guests, friends and business partners in Port Moresby.
Chinese representative in PNG Ken Hu said they believed the most important thing to them was the relationship with PNG and they were committed to promoting it.
“We set office in the 1990s so it is already 30 years and we have to understand that the office was trying to promote the relationship between Taiwan and PNG,” he said.
Hu said they established the Taiwan office in the Chinese embassy in PNG but the formalities did not matter as long as they did their best in enhancing their relations.
“We have a very cultural relationship such as trade and investment, especially last year our largest oil company signed a contract – 20 years contract to import PNG’s natural liquefied gas,” he said.
“We sent our medical team to PNG and to different provinces to provide medical service and for every cultural event we have a team here in Port Moresby.
“We have formed an official business corporation because PNG is our main base and we try to enhance education programme and scholarship, so like last year we sent PNG students to study in Taiwan.”
Hu said PNG’s economy was picking up well and the country had vast natural resources that would definitely attract more Taiwanese and Chinese businessmen to do business in the country.
“We are only number three importer for PNGLNG, number one is Japan, second one is China and the third one is Taiwan. We have more space to import in this aspect. It’s a beginning. PNG has a lot of natural resources. If the government can come, it will be followed by private and so I am very positive and optimistic about the future.”

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