It takes passion to succeed, local florist says


A LOCAL florist says it takes passion for one to succeed in business by providing quality products for customers.
Everlyn Silih, a mother of two from Eastern Highlands, is the senior florist at the new Blooming Flowers shop in The Stanley Hotel and Suites in Port Moresby.
“I started dealing with flowers straight after leaving high school in 1993,” she said.
Silih was one of the women who worked at the first flower shop called Linden Blossom established in the early 80s in Port Moresby.
“I walked into that shop on a Tuesday as a young school-leaver looking for a part-time job,” she said.
Her part-time job began the next day. It began a lifetime passion for flowers and decorations.
“I did not attend a school to be a florist. It all came out of the love for flowers and the experience (gained) over the 13 years I worked with Linden Blossoms,” Silih said.
After she left Linden Blossom in 2006, she began her own flower arrangements for clients at her Morata home in Port Moresby. She used the flowers she grew around her compound. She supported her small family from the income.
She then worked for a florist from Fiji before joining Anna Nawara in her Blooming Flower shop at The Stanley Hotel and Suites in Port Moresby.
“From my experience over the years, I find that giving your best in preparing your products with quality that is worth your customers’ money is even more satisfying then just preparing your product for money without considering the quality.”

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