Teachers told to stay in class


TEACHERS in Western Highlands have been urged not to go around with politicians but to remain
neutral and concentrate on their duties.
Provincial elementary schools coordinator Michael Akel said that teachers were public servants and should not go around campaigning for politicians.
He said many teachers have been seen going around with politicians which was not good for their profession.
“You are only bringing your profession’s standard lower and I’m appealing to you to stop and focus on your duty,” Akel told the teachers.
“You were trained to be in the classroom and not to participate in campaigns.
“Whenever a candidate wins,
he or she will come home and serve the people and every public servant will work with him or her.
“I have come across this so many times and it’s spoiling the name of the hard working ones.
“Your job is to be in the classroom and teach. You’re paid by the Government, it is your duty.
“You need to be neutral and focus on your duty.
“Leave politics to the politicians and focus on your duty in the classroom.”

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