Teaching Christian ethics helps children

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TEACHING children about Christian ethics and God at an early age helps them develop into God-fearing citizens.
Labu Butu Sunday school coordinator Benjamin Reuben told parents during the opening of a new Sunday school building at the village in Huon Gulf, Morobe last Sunday that the school was important to guide children on how to become a good Christian.
“Many parents do not see the importance of having their children attend Sunday school. But it is the foundation of instilling Christian faith in them,” he said.
He said children face many negative things in their early years.
“The foundation of a child’s Christian faith depends on how he or she is brought up and Sunday school can be an avenue for that,” he said.
Reuben told The National that Sunday schools were similar to elementary schools because it was where children build up their knowledge.
“Children learn the basic knowledge of worldly things at elementary schools. The same applies to Sunday school where they build up their knowledge about Christianity and God,” he said.

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