Teaching and not paid? Tell me, says Kombra


Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra has urged teachers missing out on pay to write to his office.
He said those must be teachers who were committed to teaching, had followed all the due processes but were still waiting for their pay.
“The teachers should write directly to the secretary’s office that “I’m not being paid and working like this and these are my documents” and I can assure you that they’ll be on pay,” Kombra said.
“We have addressed a number of teachers who have not been paid. They have gone through all the processes and are frustrated.
“When they bring that to my office, I put two or three people on the pay because they are genuine cases and we fast-track the matter.”
Kombra has been acting on reports from the Highlands region that teachers had been teaching without pay this year.
“I need to know exactly which category of teachers and who the teachers they are referring to.
“There are graduates and teachers in the field, there are people who have resigned and come back.
“So there are different categories of teachers.
“Unless I am well aware of which teachers we are referring to or without pay, then we will be able to know why they are not being paid.
“But it’s possible that one or two may not being paid, but I’d like to know exactly who they are.
“If you have resigned, you have to go through certain process of approval before you are put back on the payroll or if you are a new graduate, you have to complete and comply with certain requirements that you have graduated formally, you are properly checked that you have completed grades 10 and 12, you get certain reports and so and then the Teaching Service Commission admits them.
“Then we put them on the payroll.”

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