Thieves rob Big Rooster fast-food outlet


A Big Rooster fast-food outlet in Port Moresby was robbed in broad daylight by armed men last Saturday.
The incident happened at about 2pm at Waigani.
NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Benjamin Turi told The National that police arrived about 10 minutes after the robbery but suspects had fled.
He said no money was taken from the cashier but customers lost cash, phones and one a car.
According to a witness, a group of men walked into the central Waigani outlet, took out pistols and held up staff and customers.
Malum Nalu, a senior journalist with The National, said he was held at gunpoint and the robbers took his tablet phone, wallet containing money, bank card, drivers’ licence and his pocket camera.
“I feared the worst when I had a pistol pointed at me but fortunately nothing happened,” Malum said.
“They also took phones and items from other customers as well as the takings from a Big Rooster till.
“The incident happened so fast and was done by professionals who did not cover their faces and were a mixed bag of grown men from around the country, who dressed up well.
“After the robbery, they walked out calmly to two waiting relatively-new vehicles, one white and one blue, and drove off.  Police arrived but the men were gone.”

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