Tickets ‘sold out’ but stadium seats say otherwise


I WANTED to watch a group stage match and went to one of this FIFA ticket outlet shops and to my amazement the counter person said tickets were sold out which was a misfortune for me.
So I came out and some random guy approaches me and said tickets on sale.
But he was selling these tickets at a higher price.
I was very stunned and did not buy then even though I really wanted to watch that match.
So have you wondered why the stadiums are not fully packed when it comes to match days?
Apparently, some demented people buy the tickets in bulk and sell them on the streets at an inflated price to make a profit.
This has been causing many soccer fans to miss the opportunity to see the football skills and talents of players from other countries.
I will never buy tickets on the streets as it condones the black marketeering of tickets
The FIFA ticketing shops should at least sell three to four tickets to a person instead of selling bulk to a single person.

Joshua Megatola

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