Ties with Filipino institute a great advantage for boxing


There has been a tremendous capacity contribution for boxing,  both for the amateur ranks and the revival of the professional code.
The amateur code is currently enjoying its post-Pacific Games success while the professional code is now well on its way to convening its inaugural administration of its ranks.
While the future is bright, the development gap of raising and nurturing a prize fighter for a new life post amateur is only the start of things.
Recently, the PNG Sports Federation ventured into linking up with the Filipino iconic private boxing institution, Elorde, and has raised hopes of proper development pathways from amateur to professional ranks.
This is the Government’s development instrument in recognising the sport.
Simply put, boxing can and as proven internationally, in the paid ranks, contribute to nation-building.
When all the excitement and the dust settles, the hard yards need to be gained.
This is where the PNG ama-teur boxing entities and the professional codes with the assistance of the PNG Sport Federations need to come together to find a way to administer and develop the sports in union.
Only through this way can this great and glorious sport achieve its vision and goals.

Ronal Omaro,
Port Moresby

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