Trees should have been considered in road plan


HE destruction of treasured casuarina trees at Ela Beach must not go unchallenged.
These casuarina trees are very special and normally treasured in certain parts of PNG society but the developers have destroyed them as if theses trees can grow overnight.
When planning for the new four-lane road, these trees should be avoided as much but it appears that this beautiful landscape will vanish forever.
City residents must be aware that ever since the key parks and gardens function of NCDC was out sourced to the PNG Gardener company, the rot started in Port Moresby.
This company has gone on a mad chopping spree of all the trees along Port Moresby’s streets and substituted them with fake plants and suck huge amounts of public money.
The iconic Ela Beach land mark will no longer be there with the destruction of the casuarina trees.
After this vital land mark is gone, I do not want to see any fake palms and artificial flowers and trees substituted in the area again.

Beach Lover
Port Moresby

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