Two men on trial over 10 deaths


A TRIAL of two people accused of killing 10 people in Markham, Morobe, following a fight over a K2 can of Pepsi will continue at the Madang National Court.
Judge David Cannings, pictured, will continue the trial, with witnesses called by the defence today after 11 state witnesses completed giving evidence yesterday.
Chris George Josh and Livai Solomon were arrested and charged at the  Ramu police station.
Constable Douglas Minja told the court that one other suspect allegedly involved in the killing of the 10 men was arrested and charged in Lae but was believed to be out on bail.
According to court information, four students at Markham Secondary School were drinking alcohol and had three cans of pepsi and wanted one more so they could have one each.
They asked a vendor to get one more on credit basis but the vendor refused since he didn’t know any of them.
The argument with the vendor turned out into a fight and the students contacted their relatives from nearby villages and a small fight turned into a big ethnic clash.
On April 28, 2016, hundreds of men from the Amari area in Markham went to Zumim to hold peace talks so their students could go to school, but were met by the other faction called the Azara group between Antiragen and Zumim.
Guns were fired at them and some people in the frontline of the Amari men were shot and killed while others were ambushed.
And the 10 people were killed.
Minja and Senior Constable Richard Nandi were the last of the state witnesses who gave evidences.
Minja also told court that nine people from the Azara group were also arrested and charged with transporting hand grenades.
The trial continues today.

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