Our U20 team doesn’t need all the negativity


I WOULD like to tell people like one Derrick Kii Reuben (The National, Nov 15) to just shut up and go watch the U-20 Women’s World Cup games.
Otherwise do not go or make negative comments on our girls’ performance at the tournament or their personal appearance.
The local supporters need to understand that PNG did not qualified on merit.  Our girls are participating as the host nation because of FIFA’s great practice of “fair play”.
It is not always about winning that matters; being there is as important as winning games.
Of course, it is a great feeling to see your team winning important games but on world stage things do not happen overnight.
It takes time for countries to make it to world championships. Remember there are many countries still struggling to make it to a world cup at all levels from junior to senior national teams.
So be patient, people.
From watching the girls play on Sunday, let me tell you one thing, you are looking at the future of our female champions. The skill and talent is there; just give them few more years and you will see that they will retain the Pacific Games Cup for a long time and win international matches.
And who are you to judge and comment on how the girls trim and do their hair. Such comments can only come from jealous individuals and people who have nothing good to offer.
I fully support their coach that the girls need our support, not unwarranted criticisms.
Leave all negative mindset behind; go to the field and support our girls and the visiting teams.
Show the true Pacific spirit. Some of us have said all along that the girls need our full support regardless of the results of their matches.
I commend and thank all the people behind the hosting of this important world event for the girls in our city. Let us all go along and give our support. So far it has been good.
The volunteers; the security personal and venue managers have done a tremendous job.
The groups of supporters cheering for the visiting teams are also doing well, making it lively for everyone watching; this should continue for the rest of the tournament.

Futbol Sapota

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