Uncle, 47, accused of raping 13-year-old niece


A 13-YEAR-OLD girl is now six months pregnant after she was raped by her 47-year-old uncle, the Waigani Commital Court has been told.
The accused (name withheld), is from Ihu, Gulf, and the victim was a grade 5 student at Gerehu Primary School.
The accused lives with the family of the victim at Gerehu Stage One in Port Moresby and is alleged to have committed the offense there.
The court heard that on April 4 this year, at 10pm, the victim was on her way to the toilet when the accused came from behind and held a knife to her neck.
He threatened to cut her if she did not cooperate.
The accused then took her behind the toilet where he raped her.
The court was told that he raped her again the following week, and when she tried to resist she was stabbed in the leg.
The offence was discovered when the victim showed signs of pregnancy. The matter was reported on Oct 18.
The accused was apprehended by relatives and handed over to police. He was charged on Oct 30.
The court adjourned the case to Dec 6.

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