Vendors told to move to Boroko market


Street vendors around Boroko in Port Moresby must start moving to Boroko market to have the streets cleared, says Boroko police station commander Titus Byagau.
Byagau was referring to street vendors selling cooked food, herbal medicine and other stuff such as clothes and fashion attires around Boroko.
He told The National that since the market was already opened, there was no excuse for vendors to sell their wares in front of shops in the Boroko area.
“We already have a market in place for them but we can still see vendors outside stores.
“The alignment of their markets makes the place look so untidy,” Byagau said.
“This also included vendors at the bus stops.
“My men still have to go around and advise them to move out but they just won’t listen.
“Some of them disobey and bring their markets to right outside our police station,” he said.
“They are human beings so they should use their God-given brains instead of waiting for the police to go around chase them.
“They should begin making their own way to the market.
“The streets are not marketplaces.”

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