Villagers celebrate World Toilet Day


PEOPLE at a village in Eastern Highlands celebrated World Toilet Day last Friday by allowing community health workers to inspect their toilets.
More than 25 ventilated improved pit (VIP) toilets were opened at Kosionte village in Henganofi district witnessed by 100 village councilors, community health promoters and villagers.
Pastor Billy Siriya, a community health worker in Kosionte, thanked the non-government organisation “Touching The Untouchables” (TTU) for training the villagers in how to live in a healthy way.
“We have achieved a high health standard in our village.
“We appreciate the guidance and training TTU has given us to promote healthy living in our community,” Siriya said.
He said the Kosionte community had also built 20 VIP toilets at the nearby Fayantina Primary School to promote healthy living.
Jessie Irie from TTU told the celebration that this was a huge step to improving the health of the community.
“Villagers in Kosionte used their own resources to build over 25 toilets, as well as dig drains, footpaths, build dish racks, animal fencing and ventilated houses,” he said.
“This means that diseases such as typhoid, cholera, and gastric infections will be greatly reduced.
“They are the biggest killers of children under five.
“Kosionte can be sure that their children will grow up healthy.”

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