Villagers’ gardens all under water


More than 300 people from Munum and Nasuapum villages in Huon Gulf district of Morobe have lost their food gardens in floods in recent weeks.
With continuous rain for almost a month in Lae, many people have lost food gardens, pets, domestic animals and even homes.
Families in Munum and Nasuapum have lost all their food gardens to the overflowing Orogangkung River and a number of small creeks which overflowed onto the villages.
Paul Philip of Mapozing hamlet in Munum said the flooding started over the weekend due to continuous rainfall.
“All our beddings and clothes were washed away by floods. All our gardens were submerged and destroyed too,” said Philip.
He said such an overflowing occurs once in a year usually during mid-year with not little damage, but this year it has been flooding for a month and was still continuing.
The flooded river was said to have overflowed onto the main Highlands highway five times so far this year.

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