Be wary about demands, proposed strikes


I WATCH with interest on how professionals of this country form into groups or unions to address their issues for their members.
Their issues raised are mainly presented to the government of the day mostly about good working conditions and increase in salary package
We have professions like doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, etc. forming union under their professions that others cannot be included.
The bulk of other public servants of this country come under the Public Employees Association (PEA), which is the union that they should be affiliated under to deal with their grievances.
Surprisingly, we have a group within the Department of Health called the Health Support Staff Union.
Their union executives must stop misleading their and collecting fees from them.
On what classification can a cleaner, a laundryman, a driver or a clerk be demanding the Department of Personal Management for pay increases?
Their demand should be presented to their employing agent to deal with.
My advice to these public servants is: Do not be fooled by failed politicians who are trying again to contest the 2017 general elections because your job will be on the line.
Most of you are casuals who can be terminated anytime.
If 100 of you are terminated today, tomorrow will see 1000 applicants waiting at the door.
If 100 of doctors, nurses or allied staffs worked out of their jobs today, it will take 10 to 20 years to fill the gap.

Concerned, Via email

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