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EDA Ranu has warned consumers in Port Moresby, in particular property developers, to stop tapping illegally into its water mains.
Eda Ranu chairperson Mary Karo said such illegal activities by commercial customers often led to disconnections.
“It is disappointing to hear that property developers and real estate owners are tapping into our mains and collecting water illegally,” she said.
“This call to them is to stop that nonsense because the impact of what they are doing, when Eda Ranu finds out, is disconnecting from the mains. What (then) happens to their clients?
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“We are in a situation where we consider humanitarian grounds very seriously. And yet we have people who continue to take advantage of us not being able to be on the ground 24/7 across the city.”
She said Eda Ranu chief executive officer Henry Mokono sacked seven employees a year ago who were allegedly collaborating with consumers regarding the illegal connections.
She warned Eda Ranu employees involved in such practises that they would be sacked.
“The CEO sacked about seven people at one go a year ago. I’m sure he will not hesitate to do so again,” she said.
“We identified one such organisation – which I should not name. But action was taken by the management to disconnect.
“We told him (property developer) that he needs to pay up for his own integrity and his clients. That’s a criminal activity.
“We are doing this because Eda Ranu is not receiving free water. It is paying for its treated water at Mt Eriama. So we need to pass on that cost to our consumers in order for us to maintain the pipe works, networks, the reservoirs and everything else that deals with water supply.
“Also (as regards) the water treated by this company, we are in a build operate transfer period.
“They still have until 2019 when this agreement hopefully will end.
“A lot of people out there seem to think that Eda Ranu is a cash cow.”

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