Welly wants warring tribes to stop fighting and respect students


Provincial police commander Michael Welly has appealed to warring tribes in Hela to stop fighting and respect their children sitting their exams.
Welly said that with the grade 10 examinations finishing today, to be followed by grade 12 and grade 8 examinations, the warring tribes must stop fighting because they were disturbing the students.
He said that there were three different tribal fights going on in the province and the death toll was rising.
“I am not able to confirm the number of deaths at this time, but the fight has been ongoing since the end of the elections,” he said.
“And I am appealing to the leaders of these tribes to take into consideration their children’s future and to lay down their arms
and allow students to study in peace for their exams.”
Welly said the tribal leaders should respect their children and give them a safe and peaceful surrounding in which to study.
He also called on provincial leaders to step in and address the tribal fighting that has been ongoing.
“I understand that we can’t always expect leaders to come down and spend money on compensation to stop tribal fighting but somewhere along the line people have to change their lives and their mindset.
“But I am just making an appeal to the leaders to intervene and stop the fighting,” he said.

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