West Kambia people allowed to cross after roadblock lifted


PEOPLE in eight council wards of West Kambia, in the Nebliyer district of Western Highlands, have been allowed access again after a roadblock was lifted on Saturday. Lawyer Paul Mawa, chief of the Ulga and Ukukupa tribes and the runner-up of Tambul-Nebliyer open seat, and others decided to show their leadership by allowing people from Alimp and others through.
Youths from the Ulga and Ukukupa tribes set up roadblocks from Dumakola to Alimp after Koka and Milika people allegedly damaged Mawa’s vehicle convoy on July 8.
The executives of the West Kambia Rural Association are thankful for the leadership shown by Mawa and some educated elites such as Rickson Ai, Robert Mit, William Uwa, John Mikul, Tom Gildi, and Joseph Wakupa, to allow them access again.

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