West Sepik gets two new ambulances


THE Sandaun government has been given two ambulances from the Indonesian government to help them provide quality health services to the people.
Deputy Governor John Nos received the ambulance from Vanimo-based Indonesian consul Iwan Lubis.
He thanked Lubis for the generous donation.
Nos said it would reduce many occurrences of mothers dying while giving birth.
“The direct beneficiaries to these important gifts are the mothers and children of the Vanimo-Green electorate,” he said.
“It will reduce many occurrences of mothers dying while giving birth and babies dying during birth.
“I thank the Indonesian government for these live-saving gifts.”
Nos said there were only two ambulances currently used at the Vanimo General Hospital.
“Of the three new ones, one will be used by the Yako health centre to provide services for the Wutung Bewani local level government,” Nos said.
One will be used by the Dapu Health centre for the Onne local level government.
Lubis said the donation of the ambulances was an expression of solidarity and friendship between the Indonesian government and the Sandaun government.
Lubis urged the people to look after the two ambulances.

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