Western MPs say they have followed their voters’ call


THREE MPs from Western province say that they are in the Opposition because their people do not want them to be part of the O’Neill government.
Western Governor Toboi Awi Yoto, North Fly MP James Donald and South Fly MP Sekie Agisa declared their positions. Only  Middle Fly MP Roy Biyama is in the Government.
Yoto said the three had to listen to their voters.
“People in Western province are not happy that the Government removed our 63. 4 per cent shares of the PNG Sustainable Development Programme funds and gave us only 33 per cent.  The people said that they should have given us all of it.They have given us only 33 per cent and it is kept by Mineral Resources Development Corporation. So it is still being kept by the state.  Western province is the economic base of this country. We contribute a lot through OK Tedi mine. Yet there is nothing much to show in the province in return for the revenue that we contributed to this country.  Also the government used the Ok Tedi mine to get loan which we will be suffering for, for a long time to repay.
However, Yoto said that the trio was still entitled to their provincial and district service improvement programme funds. “Although we are in the Opposition, that does not mean that we will not get our funds.
“This fund rightfully belongs to the people. So they still deserve it whether we are in the Government or not.”

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