Woman gets three-year suspended sentence


A WOMAN has been given a three-year suspended sentence by the National Court for wounding another woman she was sharing her husband with.
Cathy Konga, from Mul Baiyer in Western Highlands, admitted in court that she used a knife to stab the woman two years ago.
Justice Martin Ipang imposed a three-year jail term but suspended it on the condition that Konga be on good behavior and not to commit a similar offence over three years.
The court considered the fact that she had paid compensation and has expressed remorse to the victim before she was arrested and charged.
Konga is the first wife. The incident occurred on October 9, 2015 at the ATS Malolo Estate in the National Capital District.
The court was told that Konga had gone into the other woman’s home at around 9pm and found her asleep with her child.
She stabbed her on the neck and chest causing serious injuries. She was stopped by her in-laws who heard the screaming.
Justice Ipang said it was common especially in the Highlands for women to kill and go to jail leaving their children behind to suffer.

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