Workshop helps change mindset


A HUMAN rights defenders and key stakeholders workshop facilitated by Voice For Change (VFC) Jiwaka last week has given participants new perspectives on their roles.
The human rights and legal mechanisms training was conducted at the Voice For Change Jiwaka resource centre at Minj from Sept 25 to 29.
Key stakeholders that did presentations were representatives from the Ombudsman Commission, Minj court house staff, health specialists, church health representatives and VFC’s gender-based violence desk staff.
Sessions included discussions on how survivors of gender-based violence could seek help, issuing of arrest warrants by police, what steps victims of sexual abuse should follow to obtain medical reports, functions and roles of the district court clerk and how the Nazarene health ministry dealt with rape cases.
Policemen and women, youths, senior court officials, community leaders, women and human rights activists attended the workshop.
Trainer Mark Pokil said VFC advocated for behaviour change in individuals, families and communities with the aim to instil in them the right attitude in their approach towards women and girls.
“We partner with churches, non-governmental organisations, human rights groups and defenders to understand gender issues,” Pokil said.
He said the participants would have another training on human rights and legal mechanisms in order to by certified.
VFC director Lilly BeSoer said gender-based violence was a big issue and it was everybody’s business to create a conducive environment for women and girls.

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