Workshop shapes 5-year training policy


THE need to develop capacity of the informal sector and to make technical and vocational institute education a pathway for school leavers are likely recommendations for the National Training Policy 2018-2022.
They were discussed at a workshop held by the PNG Human Resource Institute in Port Moresby by member organisations.
They discussed 13 policy priority areas and put forward recommendations for the policy. The institute held the workshop after the National Training Council, the body tasked with the monitoring, reviewing and revising the policy, provided a draft policy to stakeholders, including the institute for a final comment.
The new policy replaces the 1989 one. Institute president Jerry Wemin led the discussion on the 13 important areas of the policy. They include technical and vocational education institute reform, foreign labour and skills transfer, private industry engagement, training for the informal sector and training for public service.
The other policy priorities are national scholarships, training for youth, training for community development, training for civil society organisations, training for women and training for persons with disability.

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