Yama hoping to give youth second chance


MADANG Governor Peter Yama will create an institute to cater for young people rejected by the education system and who have turned to marijuana and homebrew.
Yama said it was because of the hopelessness and despair of these young people that the crime rate in Madang had increased over the past five years.
He said the town once dubbed “Beautiful Madang” had become notorious for crime causing the drop in tourist numbers.
Yama said he wanted to change this by addressing the needs of young people in Madang.
“I want to give a second chance to young boys and girls on the streets of Madang,” he said.
“I want a resource centre, or vocational school like Don Bosco in Port Moresby, to skill these young people.
“There are about 5000 boys and girls on the streets of Madang who I want to give a second chance in life.
“I want to help them become better persons in society, give them hope in life, and help them to meaningfully participate in whatever they take up.”
A proposal is already in place for what will become known as Madang Universal Vocational Institute.
“I believe that they will become better people if we give them a second chance in life,” Yama said.
“If they are marijuana smokers, homebrew drinkers on the streets of Madang, without any hope, I will give them that hope.
“I want to help rehabilitate them and change the course of their lives through the Word of God.”

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