Yoga trainers to be accredited globally


TEACHERS and trainers at the Yoga United Youth Empowerment and Transformation Project (Yu Yet PNG) will be internationally accredited.
British Wheel of Yoga representative Kate D’Arcy was impressed with what Yu Yet PNG was doing.
“It has been a real inspiration to see what Yu Yet PNG is doing and how everybody has been working together to do yoga, to make a really positive change in PNG,” she said.
She said the British Wheel of Yoga wanted to support the programme through accreditation.
“So that is extra recognition from the United Kingdom, meaning the teachers here get qualified teacher status,” she said.
Yu Yet PNG trainer and life coach Fazilah Bazari said it was a positive development for the programme.
“I feel really happy because I am trained under the British Wheel of Yoga. My knowledge I am now handing it over to teachers,” Bazari said
Bazari said many street youths under the programme would be getting international recognition. It would enable them to travel abroad and be members of the Sports Council of England.
“These youths who are usually seen as useless, or a worry to parents, are given positive experiences that they are going to be useful in society and they want to do more of that.”
The Yu Yet PNG has been running since 2012.

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