Young women told to engage in development

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By Wendy Magea
YOUNG people, especially women, should be assertive so that they can be involved in development agendas, says Dr Eric Kwa.
Kwa, the secretary of the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission, told a national young women’s forum in Port Moresby that any national and international development agenda would be achieved if people actively engaged in development agendas.
“We are very disengaging people and probably that is the biggest obstacle in achieving development. So we must not complain of being left out,” he said.
On the theme “Building bridges to leave no one behind”, Kwa challenged the young women to educate themselves and take ownership of development agendas.
He said when young people engaged, they educated themselves and took part in development actively.
“Where there is an opportunity, go for it and then find yourself a space in that agenda,” he said.
The first national young women’s forum was hosted by the Young Women’s Christian Associatio in Port Moresby.

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