Zeming a born leader, he deserves to return


THE election is approaching and therefore I urge all the eligible voters of Tewai-Siassi district to be aware and ready to avoid dirty campaign tactics to be used by intending candidates to dethrone Mao Zeming.
Apart from serving people’s interest, these intending candidates have other selfish motives.
Previous MPs that have been voted into Parliament by this electorate have failed the people miserably.
All you can hear or see is underperformance or their inability to deliver services fairly to all parts of the district due to lack of planning.
Simply because they are not leaders.
Leaders are born and not made and for that matter you can prove this in Mao Zeming’s history.
Born to a missionary family to a simple dispatch clerk of Paradise Foods Ltd and then to Deputy PM of PNG is an achievement the people of Tewai-Siassi should be proud of.
Moreover, in he served several senior ministerial portfolios and his well versed with government system.
Therefore, at this point of time, there is no need for change in leadership.

Litol Gagi, Via Email

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