Big slap in PNGRFL’s face

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The National, Wednesday December 16th, 2015

 MAL Meninga has given the Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League board a slap in the face. PNG has so many people to choose from who could have done a better job thanMeninga. As we all know, Australians are not meant to support PNG in sports, politics or anything that would put our country up there. They have always undermined our capabilities in sports, politics and social standings and will always do that. Win or lose, we should strive the PNG way so let nations run their own show, whether in sports, politics or business. ToMeninga, you were always seen as a sports icon by many Papua New Guineans but your actions demean your status. We held you in high esteem and getting you to coach the PNG Kumuls was considered a coup by other rugby league nations. I personally will not support your teams though I am a diehard Maroon fan. From next year on ward, I will switch my alliance to the Mighty Blues.


Adam Goremaita


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