Congregation raises funds to help support church work

A CHURCH congregation in a Motuan community in Port Moresby has raised funds to support its church work and to evangelise in the community and province recently.
The Dogu One congregation from the Porebada Emmanuel United Church started their mini thanks giving on Friday.
Different clan members gathered in their groups and contributed cash and raised about K30,000 during their Boubou (thanksgiving).
The event is held annually to support the church financially by members of the United Church of Papua New Guinea (UCPNG).
It is a tradition that has been passed on from generations of congregations since the church was being localised from the London Missionary Society (LMS) in the 1870s when the missionaries first landed in Papua.
The LMS and the UCPNG have faith grounded in evangelising the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Porebada community leader Len Soge said the church in the community survived on generous donations in terms of thanks giving over the years.
“God has blessed us and this country so much,” he said.
“We cannot claim that we are poor.
“There are so much blessings that God has given to PNG.
“As Christian’s, we must continue to support God’s kingdom on earth and that is helping our church and pastors.”
Soge said, during thanksgiving, people from all walks of life come together to contribute cash to help our deacons and pastors.
“When you give to Church, there is a great peace of satisfaction in you,” he said.
“They need our support to ensure the gospel of Jesus Christ continues to reign in our communities.”

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