Baki calls for peace


POLICE Commissioner Gari Baki has appealed to candidates in Enga to take charge of the situation and support the work of the security forces.
Commenting on an incident in Wabag in which two security officers were killed and a colleague wounded, Baki said the candidates should support the security forces to ensure that seats were declared.
“This incident happened between supporters of candidates who support the work of the security forces if we are to continue counting to make sure that the seats are declared,” Baki said.
“There is no point in taking advantage of this situation as an opportunity to bring  greater chaos to Wabag and Enga.
“I appeal for calm to allow us to decide what would be the next course of action. We are getting to a critical point where declarations are taking place.
“I would like to think that this is the only incident that has happened, but we are doing as much as possible to contain any other incident that may arise.
“I’m pleased with what’s been going on in  parts of the country.
“The challenge for us is the rest of the seats that are yet to be declared, especially in the Highlands region.”
Baki said different incidents had occurred, resulting in the death of the police officers.
Counting of Kandep was suspended on Friday, resulting in the arrest of a couple of scrutineers by police.
Baki said there was an ambush set up for the assisting returning officer for Kandep in the lodge that he was accommodated in.

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