Buimo escapees used axe to break out


An axe was smuggled in and used in the May 12 breakout at Buimo prison in Lae, acting Commissioner for Correctional Services Stephen Pokanis says.
He said the axe was smuggled in from the kitchen by detainees and used by the escape leader to smash the lock at the main compound gate.
“The escape was so well-planned by the ring leaders so despite the tightening of security at the institution to prevent further escapes, they were able to pull it off.”
Pokanis said frustration over delays in bail applications, the holding of remand detainees based on allegations for long periods without a speedy court process, plus major health issues like TB and other diseases had caused the detainees to escape.
“The overcrowding of detainees at Buimo and shortage of CS manpower were also contributing factors to the breakout.
“The commanding officer, management team and officers at Buimo did all they could to prevent the escape.”

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